Rovi Remote Access Services

Connect pay-TV subscribers to next-generation discovery applications.

While next-generation interactive program guides (IPGs) offer consumers the promise of advanced entertainment discovery capabilities, there are currently over one billion legacy set-top boxes in the market worldwide potentially limiting the user experience with outdated functionality and feature sets. 


Rovi Remote Access Services, a component of Rovi Cloud Platform and Services, allows service providers and authorized third-party developers to create or connect applications for smart TVs and mobile devices to control those set-top boxes. Cloud-based and optimized for digital entertainment, Rovi Remote Access Services enables advanced guides on connected devices to perform core functions such as channel tuning and DVR management.


With Rovi Remote Access Services, you gain a cost-effective way to enhance the entertainment experience, increase the value of your services and deepen customer interaction.



  • Help subscribers gain more value from their cable services and mobile devices with a different way to interact with legacy set-top boxes.  
  • Enable subscribers to change the channels on their set-top boxes remotely from connected devices.
  • Empower subscribers to schedule and manage video recordings anytime, anywhere, via second-screen applications. 
  • Connect with millions of devices already in homes with minimal impact to existing infrastructure.
  • Easily innovate and deploy new multi-screen technology across multiple platforms using cloud-hosted technology. 
  • Serve multiple subscriber bases from a single set of open APIs.
  • Simplify the process of accessing and running remote services from subscribers’ mobile devices using a secure, single sign-on.