Rovi Ad Optimizer

Increase the value of inventory.


Rovi Ad Optimizer

Ad Optimizer empowers inventory owners to sell custom audiences that are scalable, relevant and improve advertiser performance. It enables the full utilization of available viewership data to evaluate, differentiate and extract more value from TV inventory.

Ad Optimizer leverages an end-to-end predictive analytics engine to identify specialized audience segments and forecast viewership. Inventory owners can then use Ad Optimizer to build and execute audience-based media plans to reach those segments and optimize the value of their TV inventory while improving operational efficiency.


Data-agnostic, Ad Optimizer is able to process raw data from millions of set-top boxes and panel sources as well as target data from multiple third-party consumer sources to fuel rich segmentation and optimization, and forecast viewer behavior and audience impression inventory.


  • Build and execute audience-based media plans.
  • Maximize inventory and revenue across multiple channels.
  • Measure audience and reach.
  • Enjoy fully integrated, end-to-end media planning and delivery, including custom, optimized media plan proposals.
  • Leverage a data-agnostic application, drawing from lifestyle, billing, viewership and behavioral data.
  • Access optional support for programmatic buying interfaces.
  • Increase the value of audiences and extend advertiser reach.
  • Improve business performance through closed-loop post-analysis.