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Innovative guides that personalize entertainment discovery

With more than 413 million devices using our guidance technology, Rovi continues to improve our award-winning interactive guides for leading service providers and CE manufacturers.

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Optimizing the value of your audience

By leveraging big data, unique consumer viewing data and predictive analytics, Rovi helps increase audience value by optimizing ad sales revenue, show inventory, ad inventory and promotions.

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Rovi Cloud Services

Delivering next-generation entertainment experiences

Rovi Cloud Services is an end-to-end entertainment discovery platform including a range of capabilities to drive content consumption and increase revenue opportunities.

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Rovi Global Services

Methodologies and best practices for successful deployment of Rovi products

Rovi Global Services can help you bring entertainment products to market faster by addressing each stage of the product lifecycle with our expert team and specialized services.

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Advertising technology for today’s digital experience

With access to millions of households, Rovi is a leader in home advertising. We deliver consistent interactive display and video experiences to consumers when they are highly receptive.

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