Harnessing Data-Driven Customer Insights

Posted on October 1, 2015

At the recent Future TV Advertising Forum, Tom Pentefountas, Vice Chairman, Broadcasting for the regulatory Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), challenged the industry to find more scientific ways of measuring audiences. Addressing the forum’s audience of broadcasters and service providers, he delivered an imperative to go beyond traditional sampling methodologies and urged the use of set-top box data to help ensure better measurement and granularity, especially of smaller audiences. Working with our customers, Rovi has been collecting set-top box data since 2010, harvesting big data sets from return-path data (RPD). Rovi leverages this data for two purposes: the advanced analysis of advertising performance and insight into operator network performance. Big data with a purpose provides real-time, actionable insights for driving better business decisions.

While service providers remain at the epicenter of their subscribers’ media consumption and linear TV retains an overwhelming majority of viewership*, pressures are intensifying as the marketplace continues to evolve. The disruption of traditional media and its inherent business models calls for creative problem-solving, utilizing viewership data and consumer analysis. 

Rovi delivers insightful support to better meet subscriber expectations. Using RPD, we can arm you for programming rights negotiations, provide new ways for subscribers to discover content and help you determine what necessary technologies are required to meet the needs of demanding consumers. RPD is the fuel that helps drive real-time business decisions.

What do service providers need to do to succeed?

1.       Provide the content consumers want.

An increasing diversity of devices and places consumers can watch content generates fragmentation, while shrinking margins force difficult decisions regarding programming deals and network upgrades. Data collected from set-top boxes and other consumer devices give insight into what consumers are watching. Rovi’s analytics tools provide invaluable intelligence that can enable stronger negotiating positions.

2.       Make subscribers’ content discovery more personal and contextual.

It’s hard for consumers to find something to watch. Provide a discovery experience that is personalized, consistent across screens and easy to use with Rovi Conversation Services and the Rovi Knowledge Graph.

3.       Leverage insights from RPD for smarter business decisions.

Improve planning processes and evolve your platform for merchandizing the right content to the right people at the right time. 

Rovi believes service providers can remain at the center of the consumer’s media consumption. Harnessing set-top box and other device data that inform continuous learning about your subscribers’ experiences, content consumption and package selections, Rovi provides insightful intelligence that can enable the continued growth of your business. 

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* IHS, Custom TV Viewership Stats, Q2-2015