Digital Terrestrial TV

How do I know that my device is affected by the shutdown?

A number of different digital TVs and digital DVD recorders could be affected by this broadcast shutdown.

An easy way to find out if your device is using GUIDE Plus+ is to start the Electronic Program Guide by pushing the “Guide Button” on the remote control.

If you can see the GUIDE Plus+ logo in your Electronic Program Guide your device could be impacted by the termination of the service.


My GUIDE Plus+ system is no longer displaying data. I have seen that the service has been terminated but is there anything I can do?

The Guide is capable of receiving data that is available on many channels. We recommend to perform a reset of your device to trigger a clean installation sequence. You should then get broadcasters’ TV listings data in the GUIDE Plus+ system.

Please refer to your user manual for more information about the installation sequence.

I have performed a full reset of the GUIDE Plus+ system but I now find that not all channels have a complete set of TV Listings data. Why is this happening?

The GUIDE Plus+ system has now been populated using the data that channels make available. Not all channels will provide full information so there is nothing else that can be done. Most channels will provide information to see what is presently showing and what will be shown next.

Why is the Guide information inferior to what it had been before?

We had been providing extensive programming information but since this service has been terminated the Guide is now receiving its data directly from the broadcasters. However the level of coverage or quality is dependent on each and every broadcaster.

I am seeing a message on the Guide telling me to perform a manual data download. I don’t seem to be able to avoid this so what should I do?

Since the service has been terminated you should perform a complete reset and run through the full Start Sequence Installation. You should then find that the Guide is populated with programming information that is made available by the individual broadcasters.

What is the discontinuation of the broadcast data service?


Rovi will be discontinuing the digital terrestrial broadcast data service for consumer electronic guides. The data used by the GUIDE Plus+ service provided by Rovi will no longer be available via the host broadcaster.


What will happen to my Guide after the discontinuation of the broadcast data service?

When a Guide stops receiving the broadcast data, it will set up using the data schedule that may be available on the channel. This DVB-SI EIT schedule will be available as long as the broadcasters continue to make it available. In other words the GUIDE Plus+ system will display similar data that is available on the normal digital guide available in your product.


In the case where no DVB-SI EIT data is displayed in the grid, we recommend the user to proceed with a “Start Installation Sequence” from the GUIDE Plus+ setup menu.


Why are we discontinuing the service?

Rovi has decided to stop broadcasting its digital GUIDE Plus+ TV listings data because Rovi’s Guide Plus+ broadcast system is being superseded by Smart TVs and connected BluRay, where Rovi can offer richer more interactive services which can be delivered over the top through the internet connectivity of the devices.


I have set up some recordings for the future using the Guide. What will happen to these?

Once the timer has been set up on the recorder the recording schedule will be preserved. These would be lost if the recorder is fully reset.