Advancing entertainment and audience discovery

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At Rovi, we believe entertainment discovery should be simple, seamless and personal. 

With an unprecedented amount of entertainment, devices and distribution channels available today, audiences have become more elusive – and more valuable – than ever. Discovery becomes a two-way street, with consumers needing satisfactory ways of connecting to their desired content, and media and businesses requiring successful ways of connecting to those audiences.

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Entertainment Discovered, Audiences Uncovered

We understand the specific challenges faced by TV service providers, hardware manufacturers, streaming media services, broadcasters, content producers and advertisers to attract, build and retain consumers. And, our solutions are designed to address those challenges by enabling superior entertainment experiences.

Driving discovery, staying innovative, offering flexible solutions

Rovi’s market-leading portfolio includes the Fan TV Platform, classic discovery and guidance solutions – including search, recommendations and conversation, revenue-driving analytics tools and the industry's most dynamic entertainment metadata – all delivered via the Rovi Cloud Platform. Additionally, we have one of the largest IP and patent portfolios for building unique discovery solutions.

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Innovation is in our DNA

We invest in ongoing R&D to invent new technologies, improve existing ones and create next-gen solutions to enable our customers to easily customize and update their offerings.

Company Profile

  • Headquarters: San Carlos, Calif., with additional offices in North America, Europe and Asia
  • 1,100+ employees worldwide
  • 5,000+ issued or pending patents worldwide